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By Brittany Ferri June 14, 2020

If you search the web for Dupuytren’s Disease treatment, you will not come across many options. Shockingly, this disease is considered new, so not much is known about it. Despite the lack of information about this condition, we do know that seeking help earlier is much better, since Dupuytren's can worsen if it's not taken care of. 

As the disease progresses, it causes the elastic tissue in the palms to thicken and become tighter. This happens increasingly more until one, two, or several fingers become permanently stiff. In worse cases, the fingers become completely immovable and lose flexibility, which leads them to bend permanently. 

The goal of any treatment for Dupuytren’s disease is to get rid of any disability caused by the contracture and reduce the symptoms. Some people can live a painless life without major symptoms. These people may only develop small lumps under the skin of the palm and it stays relatively manageable for many years. Such people experience little to no changes in their day-to-day activities. However, for others, the situation can be very bad.

If you or someone close to you has Dupuytren's, you can consider a range of treatment options. People who have mild symptoms can often utilize these interventions to effectively manage their symptoms:


The most basic non-surgical treatment for Dupuytren’s is physiotherapy (also known as physical therapy). This involves slowly stretching the fingers and palms to provide more space for finger movement. A professional can advise you regarding which form of stretching suits you best according to your condition.

Steroid Injections

If nodules are forming in your palm, they may decrease in size if you get regular steroid injections. This is a non-surgical treatment that only proves helpful in the early stages of the disease. It becomes ineffective if the disease has progressed to the point of forming a thick, sizable layer of collagen, since this is difficult to get rid of. It's important to remember that steroid injections will not eliminate all Dupuytren's symptoms; they may only slow down the pace of its progression. 

Additionally, research has shown that these steroid injections become ineffective in the long-term. According to studies, almost 50% of people who received these injections noticed that nodules in the palm returned after a period of time. These shots may also cause skin discoloration and fat buildup in the body.

Surgical Treatment

Surgery is another treatment for Dupuytren’s, though people are often advised against this option due to its high cost and a range of complexities that may result.

According to reports, most people who underwent surgery in an attempt to cure Dupuytren’s suffered from complications. Regardless of whether or not your surgery causes issues, there is always a risk that symptoms will return.

Dupuytren's Disease Cream

Customers have found great results in preventing the progression of Dupuytren's, dealing with day-to-day symptoms, and even reversing the symptoms of Dupuytren's Contracture. This is due to our all-natural, homeopathic approach that uses anti-inflammatory compounds to help combat the disease at the source.

Brittany Ferri
Brittany Ferri

Brittany is a registered and licensed occupational therapist who has 6 years of clinical experience treating conditions such as Dupuytren's, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and more. She is passionate about educating others about their health.