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Prevention of Dupuytren’s Disease

July 02, 2020

Since Dupuytren’s disease is not very commonly talked about, a lot of people are not even aware of its symptoms and many go untreated. 

It occurs in about 15 million people in the USA who areabove the age of 35. However, many younger individuals have also been found to have symptoms. But, very few have been to a doctor because they either misdiagnose symptoms or pay no attention to them.

This is a major reason why the condition worsens and one has to opt for treatment options like surgeries that can be painful and costly. The best option is to be careful.


Unfortunately, Dupuytren’s disease lacks preventive measures due to a lack of research on the topic.

Most preventive measures are only based on small-scale studies. They may help slow the progression of this disease or provide relief to the patient but they cannot treat. 

Nonetheless, here are some preventive measures to slow the progression of the disease:

Increased Intake of Calcium and Magnesium

Studies revealed that Dupuytren’s disease may worsen due to a lack of magnesium and calcium. A doctor tested this theory by prescribing magnesium supplements to a person who was in the early stages of this disease.

The patient reported feeling thenodules disappear and their skin loosening up causing relief. 

However, these results were limited as they were only tested by one person. If you consume magnesium or calcium then make sure never to go above the prescribed number.

Topical Creams

Various studies show that topical creams are often the best method for preventing this disease from progressing. 

A patient was prescribed topical creams for a case of Dupuytren’s disease. Upon applying the cream daily, the patient reported a decrease in pain. Extended use of the cream helpedeliminate the contracture. However, the creams on the market are not unique, hence we suggest that you have a look at our product designed to treat the condition. 

This is a better option than surgery. It costs less, isn’t risky, and can be completed everywhere.

Physical Exercise

It is necessary to keep the body moving. This applies to Dupuytren’s Disease as well. Make sure to move your hands and fingers so that you can slow the progression of the disease. However, this may not be suitable if you already have the condition or if it has started to worsen. 

Visiting an expert can be a good idea because exerting too much physical pressure can be bad for your health. 

Timely Checkup

If you fear that you may be at risk of developing Dupuytren’s disease then it is important to contact a doctor. Only a medical professional can confirm or deny your fears.

Always look out for even a slight change in the movement of your fingers and the appearance of your palm. 

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