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Causes and Risk Factors of Dupuytren’s Disease

July 02, 2020

Although Dupuytren’s is usually not very difficult to detect, we are unsure about the exact cause behind it. Numerous studies have shown that no specific activity can result in the development of this disease.

Previously, it was believed that people who perform more physical activities can get this disease. However, we now have more reasons to believe that genetics play a more important role in this case. 

But, we cannot deny the fact that those who perform very extreme jobs may end up with poor cases of the disease as putting too much pressure on your hands can cause the condition to worsen.

Dupuytren’s disease develops in the fibrous tissue of the palm. The presence of other medical conditions may increase the possibility of developing this condition. Plus, your lifestyle choices are of importance as well. 

Daily consumption of alcohol can increase the risk. Plus, smokers are more likely to have the condition.

Risk Factors

Although the causes for this disease are unknown, a number of risk factors may increase the possibility of developing the syndrome. They are:

  • Age factors: People above the age of 50 are more likely to report this condition. However, more and more younger people are now being diagnosed with Dupuytren’s contracture.
  • Gender: Men have a higher risk of developing this disease when compared to women. They may also experience more severe contractures than women.
  • Ancestry: Dupuytren’s Disease is known to prevail more commonly in Northern-European Caucasians. It affects 30% of the people in Norway who are above 60. North European Countries have the highest occurrence of inheritance of this disease.

Studies have also revealed that 4% of males in the UK suffer from Dupuytren’s disease.

  • Family History: Some reports show that Dupuytren’s is a genetic disease but we are not so sure about it yet.
  • Alcohol Use and Smoking: Smoking brings minuscule changes to the blood vessels. Since Dupuytren's occurs in the palm, some believe that these changes can cause it or at least cause the situation to worsen. 

People who consume alcohol may also be at risk. It is important that you reduce these activities if you want to live a healthy life.

  • Diabetes: People who have diabetes have a higher risk of catching the disease. The same goes for some other conditions including hypertension.

It is necessary to remember that both the causes and risk factors are based on the quantitative research of people suffering from Dupuytren’s disease. People who do not fit into any of the risk factors may still be at risk. 

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